AASHTO re:source Q & A Podcast

What is AASHTO re:source Q & A?

August 03, 2020 AASHTO re:source Season 1 Episode 1
AASHTO re:source Q & A Podcast
What is AASHTO re:source Q & A?
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In this micro episode, learn more about our plans for the podcast and how you can get involved.

AASHTO re:source Q&A Podcast Transcript

Season 1, Episode 1: What is AASHTO re:source Q & A?

Released: August 03, 2020 

Hosts: Brian Jonson, AASHTO Accreditation Program Manager; Kim Swanson, Communications Manager, AASHTO re:source 

Note: Please reference AASHTO re:source and AASHTO Accreditation Program policies and procedures online for official guidance on this, and other topics. 

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00:00:07 KIM: Hi, I'm Kim Swanson at the Communications Manager at AASHTO Resource.

00:00:10 BRIAN: Hi, this is Brian Johnson. I'm the AASHTO Accreditation Program Manager at AASHTO resource.

00:00:15 KIM: So, Brian, why are We here today?

00:00:18 BRIAN: We are here to introduce a new podcast called AASHTO Resource Q&A.

00:00:23 KIM: This podcast I'm really excited about.

00:00:25 BRIAN: Now the whole point of this podcast is to share more information with Our customers and other people who are interested in the industry about construction materials, testing, inspection, quality management issues, continual improvement issues, things that aren't necessarily top of mind for people, but we get these questions. All the time about hey, I have this problem or I'm struggling to figure out how to conform to this particular requirement and we can help you.

00:01:01 KIM: Yeah, we're going to have subject matter experts from the industry as guests on our show. But then we're also going to dive into some FAQ's that we get on a regular basis as well.

00:01:10 BRIAN: You know, we answer those questions individually to people, but it'd be so much better if we can get it out to everyone so we can all. Learn and grow from it.

00:01:18 KIM: And that's really what this is about, it's about continual improvement for the industry as a whole and to make that happen, we need help from our customers and our listeners. We need you guys to be a part of this conversation.

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00:01:31 BRIAN: If you want to be a guest on our show or just submit questions that can be included in some of the FAQ episodes, send us an e-mail at podcast@AASHTOresource.org or Call Me Brian Johnson at 240-436-4820. For other related news and content, check out AASHTO Resources Twitter feed or go to AASHTOresource.org.